News Release

February 25, 2015

Media Contact

Daniel Wennerlind


Denver, CO – The Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge (UWC) announced a pledge to support our troops after they return home from active duty, in an effort to give back to the ones who have served and provide us the freedom to pursue our dreams and passion for the outdoors.

The partnership was established between the Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge (UWC) and the Fallen Outdoors – a non-profit organization based out of Washington to support the hunting dreams and aspirations of our active and retired military across the United States.

The UWC is a member based organization open to the public (details found online at that motivates families to spend time together in the great outdoors. Through their innovative and inspiring challenge concept, the UWC encourages waterfowl hunting enthusiasts and provides aspiration for young adults to get excited about hunting by partaking on their Waterfowl Hunting Challenge of ethically harvesting all 41 huntable species of waterfowl (ducks and geese) that inhabit and migrate across the North American Continent. Called, “The Adventure of a Lifetime,” they plan to change how you hunt waterfowl this coming season.

Six months after establishing and officially launching the challenge on August 9, 2014, founders Daniel Wennerlind and Brandon Crowley assembled a plan to give back to our troops, partnering with Eric Bakken of Washington to support his organization The Fallen Outdoors.

The Fallen Outdoors (TFO,) a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has established locations in nearly every state across the US to allow any military member (active or retired) the opportunity to hunt or fish free of charge.

The Fallen Outdoors (TFO) was established in June of 2009 with a mission of connecting past and present soldiers from all branches of the military in order to facilitate and film hunts throughout North America. Their ultimate goal is to create a network between military posts throughout the nation in order to connect soldiers who are devoted to their country and the outdoors. Soldiers stationed at various military bases in North America will have access to organized hunts and the opportunity to be filmed by elite field-staff teams.

Their slogan “Living Our Dreams Because They Gave Up Theirs” will be a perfect fit with the UWC as they now have the ability to provide additional funds for the Fallen Outdoors organization by donating 10% of all new membership proceeds in 2015 to the organization as well as adding valuable contacts and connections in the hunting world to The Fallen Outdoors. All efforts are an attempt to assist our military members to be able to return to their passion of hunting they had before they enlisted and fought for our country.