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The third and final level above the Certified Journeyman Waterfowl Hunter is becoming a Certified Grand Master Waterfowl Hunter. This is the pinnacle of the UCW Challenge! To achieve this certification level a member must successfully harvest and become certified for all 41 of the 41 Official Certified UWC Species (See Section 6 for the Official UWC N.A. Waterfowl Species List.)

Once a member successfully certifies all 41 species, the status of Certified Grand Master Waterfowl Hunter has been achieved. (Note: any additional species harvested outside of the Official UWC North American Species List will be added as “bonus species” to the hunter’s official certified species list on the UWC website.) At this point the member will receive a custom carved King Eider Decoy mounted on a wood stand with a custom engraved gold name plate with the member’s name and status as a Certified UWC Grand Master Waterfowl Hunter. The member will also be added to the Grand Master Waterfowl Hunter page of the UWC website and will have the ability to add an extensive bio and 3 additional photos for a total of 6 photos for fellow waterfowl hunters to read.

(All photos and bios and can be emailed directly to: entries@watefowlerschallenge.com)
Receive this Custom Engraved Grand Master Waterfowl Hunter King Eider Decoy with hunters name plated on a wood base when you successfully register all 41 UWC species

Members are updated every Monday by 5 PM CST.